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    A consistent theme in all the traditional texts dealing with meditation is the necessity for consistent and regular practice of the chosen meditation technique. This often involves hours of sitting on the floor in a traditional posture with the back straight and upright, the chest open and the body relaxed. This demands strength and flexibility of the body to endure without distracting discomfort; yoga asanas were originally developed to achieve this.

    Using a properly designed meditation stool can enable one to come very close to this ideal posture without years of training – the body is upright yet relaxed and the position can be comfortably sustained for a long time.

    This unique meditation stool with its rocker legs automatically adjusts to the correct angle for sitting and the height has been found to be suitable for most people- keeping weight off the legs and knees.

    An economical $75.00 for a natural oiled wood meditation stool, plus postage.   Optional genuine sheepskin cover $29.00.  Significant discounts apply for orders of 5 or more stools.

    To order, contact us  -

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